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Your path, your difficulties, and your story are unique to you. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. We spend the time understanding what you’re experiencing and why, so that as we help you on your journey towards an improved life, the changes will be permanent.

Mental Health Counseling Services in Jacksonville, FL

Do you often feel burdened by feelings of depression or anxiety?

If you struggle to control unwanted thoughts or intrusive memories, or if you find difficulty maintaining healthy relationships and experience loneliness often as a result, contact Inner Serenity Counseling. We will work together to find the therapy techniques that allow you to address the underlying causes of your difficulties, learn effective coping skills, and build meaningful life goals and social connections.

Our Process

Our mission is to help clients overcome issues that are holding them back and help them move forward in their lives.


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Build Techniques To Move Forward

You're Safe Here.

We welcome you — whoever you are — without discriminating or judgment, as we believe everyone has the right to be afforded quality, state of the art mental health services.  Our therapists are licensed and remain up-to-date in their training and knowledge of current evidence-based mental health treatments to meet our client’s individual needs.

Get help sorting out the things blocking your path.
Take the time you need for lasting change.
Understand and improve your relationships.
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Begin your path to better mental health today.

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